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Here I am, a bundle of past recollections and future dreams, knotted up in a reasonably attractive bundle of flesh. I remember what this flesh had gone through; I dream of what it may go through. I record here the actions of optical nerves, of taste buds, of sensory perception. And, I think: I am but one more drop in the great sea of matter, defined, with the ability to realize my existence.

Whenever I kill someone in a video game




 lolol..true dat.

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The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion
– Albert Camus


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When my Mom’s on the phone and I hear her say my name….


Mom , why you talkin’ shit ?”


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When someone asks you when you’re going to get a boyfriend


…and you’re just like “I don’t know, I guess tomorrow when I walk out of my house I’ll just choose one from the swarm of guys that all come sprinting towards me.”

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The awkward moment when you talk to yourself in English and not in your own language.


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When you pass your math test.




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